•  CorporateResponsibility


    Corporate responsibility is an integral part of the K-One Group's sustainable development initiatives. Our practice integrates economic, environmental, and social considerations into our management system, business culture, and decision making. We conduct our business
    in a fair and respectful manner, in abidance to the local laws, customs, and tradition. K- One is dedicated to maintaining a sustainable environment for future generations.

    K-One is a member of the United Nations’ Global Compact, a voluntary initiative for companies worldwide to align business operations and strategies with universally accepted sustainability principles for the environment, business practices, and labour and human rights.


Caring for the Environment

K-One promotes a conducive working environment and is committed to continuously improve operational processes to be more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and with minimal impact on ecological health. We strive to align our business operation processes with conservation efforts by taking into consideration the environmental factors as well as the technical and commercial aspects in our decision-making process.

We are ISO 14001 certified and have a Quality & Environmental Manual to administer our environmental management system.

Caring for the Community

K-One believes greatly in caring for the community and contributing to social development through a wide range of communal activities. We are keen to contribute towards improving the quality of life and to invest in the development of tomorrow's generation.

We have provided industrial training placements to more than 150 undergraduates, notably those from the engineering faculties.

K-One has graced multiple charitable events for welfare homes and blood donation drives to provide aid for the less fortunate.


Caring for our Employees

K-One emphasizes the importance of providing a healthy and conducive work environment for its employees and constantly strive to improve the quality of life of the workforce through training, skill development, and career advancements among others. The K-One Club was established to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle while cultivating teamwork and a sense of belonging through sports, recreational and social activities among employees. Regular staff dialogues, newsletters, and staff opinion surveys are conducted to create a better work culture that foster innovation and teamwork.
On staff recruitment, K-One values equal employment opportunity to all, including individuals with physical disabilities.