K-One’s greatest differentiating factor is its ability to win the trust of our customers in Quality, Cost Competitiveness, Flexibility, Delivery Excellence and Product Secrecy Integrity. But this differentiating factor is only as good if we understand the various needs of the industry and market segments.

By maintaining our focus on our niche areas of expertise in security/surveillance gadgets, consumer electronic lifestyle products, industrial products, healthcare/medical devices, automotive aggregates, IoT devices and mobile phone accessories, we are able to continuously maintain development and innovation impetus in these fast growing business sectors in the region and the world.

In the coming years, K-One will continue to expand at a rapid pace. We will continue to adapt new technologies in innovative ways and diversify into other technology-related industries as appropriate.

Our experienced team of professionals and specialists with diversed experiences of product development, software programming, application engineering, materials specialty, project management, logistic management and manufacturing expertise ensures K-One executes on each and every one of its deliverables.

The design solution that we offer together with our ability for quick turnaround to market makes us truly an integrated “Total One-Stop Technology Solution Provider”.

Security is an ever increasing concern in today's world. K-One is seizing the opportunity to address this security issue with the acquisition (on-going) of a security service provider.
K-One believes that it can enhance security service by complementing the preceding with technology applications and devices. By doing so, the productivity of security services would be improved whilst the premises or assets to be secured are enhanced.
K-One calls this security service laced with technology applications eSecurity Service.

In today’s consumerism, electronics play a key role in a more conducive and comfortable living. The constant demands for consumer electronics and appliances have continuously pushed design and manufacturing parameters. K-One’s team of technologists and engineers are multi-disciplinary and have managed to bridge the lifestyle demands to design and developing consumer electronic lifestyle gadgets which are practical and innovative.

Mobile phone communication is one of the fastest growing business sectors in the world. The drive to be truly mobile in today’s lifestyle has placed much emphasis on new and more innovative design of mobile phone accessories. By effectively leveraging on this worldwide demand, K-One has continuously produced new design solutions and innovative products to cater for this market segment.

The computer industry covers a wide spectrum which includes devices such as PCs, notebooks, mouse, etc to network systems such as servers, CCTVs, etc.. K-One's focus in this space would be the development and manufacturing of security and surveillance gadgets which form part and parcel of the total security solutions which is crucial to today's security conscious society.

The fast growing automotive sector is also one of the most innovative in terms of technological advancements. K-One is dedicated to meeting the industry’s expectations for design, development and manufacturing needs for automotive aggregates. K-One holds the ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification for Manufacturing of Plastic Assembly & Electronic Device for the Automotive Industry.

The healthcare and medical devices market is another growing sector that K-One is dedicated to zoom in by leveraging on K-One’s expertise and experience in research, development and manufacturing of health and medical testing or monitoring devices, medical training equipment and the likes.

The IoT is the network of physical devices which have embedded electronics, software, sensory and network connectivity that enable these devices to exchange data and communicate with each other via the internet. The interconnection of these embedded devices is expected to usher in automation in all fields.
K-One sees tremendous opportunities presented by the next wave of internet applications - the IoT.

Technology is changing at an unprecedented rate as never before. Being in the forefront of technology and always on the look-out for the next disruptive technology, K-One has embarked in the setting up of co-working hubs - "KiasuLab" to house and provide a platform for like-minded technopreneurs to collaborate and connect.
K-One will guide, nurture and perhaps fund selected high potential innovations. With its almost two decades of experience in technology innovations and taking new products or services to the global markets, K-One is poised to collaborate with selected technopreneurs to launch the next innovation or disruptive technology.

Industrial equipment such as floor-care and packaging machines are significant markets worldwide. K-One specializes in delivering custom-made innovative solutions in design, development and manufacturing of such machines/equipment.